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ABOUT US Wellness Solutions is the first-approved medical Cannabis dispensary in Maryland. We are dedicated to providing doctors and patients treatment options, including medicinal cannabis. The Wellness Solutions Team is the first in Maryland to connect patients with state certified physicians. Our group of board-certified doctors, pharmacists, nurses, practitioners and other medical professionals ensure that patients’ medical needs are fully addressed. Wellness Solutions also offers health consultations, as well as patient counseling and training at locations throughout the state. We even offer consultations at the patient’s residence. OUR STAFF The Clinical Director is a Maryland-licensed Pharmacist with forty-nine years of experience. He is also a proud member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians. The Medical Director is a Maryland-licensed psychiatrist who has practiced for more than forty years. The Director of Security and Security Training is an ex-DEA drug joint task force member who regularly provides anti-drug training to judges, prosecutors, as well as Parent Teacher Associations and church groups. OUR SERVICES Wellness Solutions’ medical treatments don’t stop at the border of Frederick along I-70 or at the edges of the Community of Clover Hill. We will consult on and deliver medicine throughout central Maryland. OUR MISSION Wellness Solutions’ mission is to promote and provide organic cannabis solutions that enhance the health and well-being of registered patients in a safe, open and caring environment that is dedicated to respecting the preferences and rights of individuals and our community. OUR PROCESS We welcome, value and rely on the diversity of people, cultural experiences and different perspectives. We all learn from one another. Through our interactions with patients, we refine (and sometimes redesign) solutions that promote a better dispensary experience. We elevate our patients’ physical, emotional and psychological well-being. Wellness Solutions partners with physicians across Maryland, ensuring patients have access to medical cannabis treatment options in a safe, secure and certified dispensary. Certified physician recommendations may be received electronically and securely stored within our HIPAA compliant patient management system. All registrations also require confirmation through the Maryland state operated database. All health consultations, patient counseling, and patient training are available exclusively through pharmacists, nurses, practitioners, and other medically credentialed professionals (never by a budtender). We offer services whether at the patient’s residence or at our facilities. Staff development is led by our Clinical Director. While not state-mandated, our training for every staff member, includes 30 hours of continuing education upon hiring annually thereafter, and addresses: • Dosing guidelines • Side effects • Contraindications • Identifying addictive behaviors • Incident management • HIPAA compliance Wellness Solutions serves Maryland’s medical community by ensuring physicians have every treatment option available for their patients, including access to medical cannabis, when regular prescription treatments are not effective. WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO As individuals, almost every staff member has a personal history that makes them advocates of the medicinal benefits of cannabis. We truly understand how medical conditions can impact relationships. Every day we witness medical cannabis positively impacting patient’s lives. A favorite among patients, the team at Wellness Solutions deliver safe access for patients to identify and purchase high quality, appropriate and affordable medical cannabis. OUR FACILITY You’ll be surprised to find that our dispensary looks exactly like your doctor’s office, not like a “pot shop.” There are no screaming ads, no screaming salesperson pushing sales of the day. You actually won’t see any pot at all. At your local pharmacy, you don’t see the medication unpackaged when you are at the checkout. You don’t get to taste or smell the medication; we don’t either. You can however depend on a quality experience because we are at first a medical facility. Frederick/Location Information: Maryland residents and tourists alike must absolutely visit Frederick’s historic downtown district. Walk along the Carroll Creek waterway while enjoying an ice cream cone or tasting the locally made craft beers. For Civil War history, locals point to the National Museum of Civil War Medicine and the Monocacy National Battlefield as must-visit locations. To enjoy Maryland’s natural beauty, jog along Baker Park’s fantastic Creekside trails or relax and unwind while viewing water lilies and listening to live music along Carroll Creek Linear Park down on Market Street. **MILITARY DISCOUNT: Wellness Solutions proudly supports our troops with a discount for veterans!


License : A10-18-0000112-TEMP
Email : [email protected]
Address : 4606 Wedgewood Blvd. Frederick
City : Frederick
State : MD
Country : US
Zip : 21703


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